Pig 1 Straw

‘Straw’ started cooking when he was 12 and has been obsessed with traditional BBQ smoking since he had a dream that he was sharing a plate of Ribs with Ray Charles and the ghost of General Lee.

Being a great cook, but a peasant at heart, he’s dedicated himself to bringing both to New Zealand – real hearty treats with a foodie, fusion, Fue/BQ twist.

He has a degree in Pork Studies from the F.B.B.A. (Foxton Beach Barbeque Association).

Pig 2 Woodie

‘Woodie’ is a sensible soul. He’s also good at heavy lifting. His hobbies include whistling and looking at smoked salmon on the internet. If pushed, he might tell you he was on the eating side of the food industry.

But Woodie isn’t just about making things happen. His real gift is hospitality. He is the guy making sure everyone enjoys themselves. His appetite and easy going nature ensure this is one House of BBQ that will never get blown down.

Pig 3 Bricktop

‘Bricktop’ is the brains behind the operation, but that’s not saying much. As the official firestarter, he’s burnt out several Holden Barinas trying to start the BBQ doing burnouts.

Thankfully, just like Rain Man, Bricktop is good with numbers. He crunches them and keeps the pigs in line with the pesos.

He’s also committed to taking the business to the global stage...which the other two pigs still think is out the back of Newtown somewhere.