About the Three Little Pigs

Before they could bring you the best food in the hot-diggity world, the Three Little Pigs had to undertake a journey of their own, a voyage that few pigs (or flavoursome meats of any kind) had ever come back from. A mission that would begin in the tasty and secretive heart of the American South...and take them all the way to the finest high altars of Fue/BQ (Fusion BBQ) from Osaka to Buenos Aires.


But hey…

Three Little Pigs BBQ Smokehouse Food

The General Sherman

The General Sherman is the greatest technological advance in BBQ cooking since the discovery of fire. No exaggeration.

Using the pyro-displacement method, the General Sherman cooks only with indirect heat and smoke. This means more flavour and more succulent food. At the F.B.B.A. (Foxton Beach BBQ Association) we call this the flavour enhancement factor. Flavour equals smoke multiplied by time over fire. Effective good tasting food maker!

Often mistaken for a runaway train, the General Sherman is a piece of craftmanship made in the old US of A. Born not far from the end of Route 82 and Georgia’s atlantic coast, it’s as southern as Elvis and as real as Tara.

Three Little Pigs

And the name? Well though you may think it, no Sherman tanks were ever used to make the General. But just like the tank he’s named after, William Tecumseh Sherman, the great but human Union General of the American Civil War. And why a northern General who after all burnt Atlanta to the ground. Well lets just say that the Three Little Pigs know what side to be on.